East Granby, Conn. (January 01, 2021) ― Connecticut-based Joining Technologies, has announced the promotion of long-time employee Greg Miller to the position of President at its headquarters facility.

In his new position, Miller will oversee all engineering, facilities maintenance, sales, manufacturing personnel and daily operations. He will have full responsibility for delivering fusion welding, machining, and supply chain services to its customers worldwide, which most notably include medical device, aerospace, automotive, military, energy, and firearms industries OEM’s. Miller will report directly to the CEO David Hudson.

Company founder and Chairman Michael Francoeur reflects back to the day he was invited to join the company. There was something about Greg that led me to believe he had great potential.  I distinctly remember pulling Greg aside after a training orientation and telling him he could be President one day if he desired to pursue it.

“I couldn’t be more proud of Greg and confident in his abilities to lead Joining Technologies into the future” ~ Dave Hudson, CEO

Joining Technologies and its sister companies Joining Technologies Automation and American Cladding Technologies has long been a national leader in laser welding, cladding, automation, and other metal fusion processes. With the recent addition of a resistance welding services, Joining Technologies continues to establish itself as one of the industry’s most innovative and successful precision fusion companies.

About Joining Technologies

Headquartered in East Granby, Conn., Joining Technologies is an innovator in precision fusion processes, including laser welding, electron beam welding, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), resistance welding, automation, and laser cladding. The company’s extraordinary engineering talent continues to develop economical solutions for joining metal components primarily in the medical device, aerospace, automotive, military, energy, and firearms industries.

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