Whether working for the Department of Defense, independent firearms manufacturers, or firearms components manufacturers, we provide customers with expert welding, supply chain management, and the capabilities of a full-service machine shop. After project specifications are determined, our specialists will develop and execute a customized solution utilizing laser welding, electron beam welding, gas tungsten arc welding, resistance welding, supply chain management, custom machine work, or any combination necessary to bring your project to successful completion.

Guided by a powerful belief in teamwork and out-of-the-box thinking, Joining Technologies constantly strives to provide customers with the highest quality and best possible service.

Firearm & Component Welding Essentials

For full-scale firearm or component manufacturing or custom firearm welding, consistent, reliable, and timely welding solutions are a requisite. After collaborating to learn more about your specific needs, our team will help select the best weld technique, material, and technology for mil-spec applications.

Firearms & Components Welding Services

  • Laser welding – Laser welding is ideal for firearms & components applications requiring pin-point accuracy at high production rates. It’s non-contact, doesn’t require a vacuum, and is excellent for joining thin materials and small components. Learn more.
  • Electron beam welding – Electron beam welding is ideal for firearms & components applications requiring a very precise, clean weld with minimal heating of the material outside the primary area of the weld. Additionally, EB Welding is excellent for joining dissimilar and hard to weld metals, and enables for a deep-penetrating material bond. Learn more.
  • Gas tungsten arc welding – Gas tungsten arc welding is ideal for firearms & components projects when joining small parts and components. The method’s versatility enables its use on both steel and alloyed metals and produces clean, high-quality welds for applications where aesthetics matter. Learn more.
  • Resistance welding – Resistance welding joins materials using pressure and an electric current, another method that can be used for welding firearms. This eliminates the need for consumable metals and shielding gasses, making this process highly efficient and environmentally-friendly. Our facility is equipped with industry-leading, American-made machinery, enabling our technicians to deliver high-quality resistance spot welds of 1/8” steel to 1/8” steel, and 1/16” aluminum. Learn more.

Firearms & Components Organizations We Work With

Whether crafting components for the Department of Defense or any military branch, National Defense organizations need to know all welds are sealed and smooth, all machining is to spec, and all deadlines will be met. We’re happy to provide our reliable, timely, and consistent welding, supply chain management, and machining expertise to National Defense businesses.

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Examples of work

  • Triggers
  • Safety
  • Magazines
  • Full Barrel Assemblies
  • Suppressors
  • Action Mechanisms
  • Gas Control Components
  • Receiver
  • Serialized Components


  • ITAR
  • Federal Firearms License (FFL)

Reasons our Customers Work With Us

  • Quality backed by experience, accreditations, and reviews.
  • Competitive pricing to build and nurture long-term partnerships.
  • Speed of delivery through solid project management.
  • Effective communication and collaboration throughout the process.

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