Resistance Welding

Large volume, small footprint

The resistance welding techniques performed by our technicians at Joining Technologies deliver high-quality results, optimized for your project size. Resistance welding joins materials using a combination of pressure and electric currents. This eliminates the need for consumable metals and shielding gasses, making resistance welding highly efficient and environmentally-friendly. The process can also be ideal when there’s a need to be delicate with the cosmetic details of a component.

Our facility is equipped with industry-leading, American-made resistance welding machinery, enabling our technicians to deliver high-quality resistance spot welds of 1/8” steel to 1/8” steel, and 1/16” aluminum.

What is Spot Welding?

Resistance Spot Welding utilizes copper alloy electrodes carrying an electric current. The electrodes make contact with two (or more) sheets of metal, which are held together under pressure. The heat that is generated melts the material, and the current is shut off. Pressure is maintained while the weld pool solidifies, forming the weld nugget and joining the two materials. Spot Welding is used by the automotive industry, and can be applied to aerospace, defense, and medical devices as well.

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  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Firearms
  • National Defense


  • High speed
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • No filler material
  • Ideal for thinner materials
  • Compatible with higher volume applications


Joining Technologies’ state-of-the-art services include precision laser welding, electron beam (EB) and gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), machine shop services and supply chain management. All along the way, our quality control system will be an integral part of your project’s life journey at Joining Technologies.