Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

A proven option for joining small parts.

Joining Technologies uses gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) to join small parts for customers in the semiconductor, medical and aerospace industries. The advantages of gas tungsten arc welding include the fact that the process can be used on both steel as well as alloyed metals.

Some examples of parts that Joining Technologies welds using gas tungsten arc welding include parts of airplane gas tanks, sensors and medical devices, and aerospace components.

GTAW is a widely accepted welding process that has minimal electricity requirements. However, GTAW requires highly skilled welders – and Joining Technologies’ specialists meet that strict standard.

Joining Technologies’ GTAW program meets high standards for quality. The program is accredited by Nadcap (the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Association). It holds the AS9100 certification for aerospace quality system requirements.

Gas Tungsten Arc Weld
A welder wears a face-shield, protecting them from the bright light of the weld pool.


  • Semiconductors
  • Sensors
  • Aerospace
  • Medical Devices


  • Can be used on a wide variety of metals including steel and alloys
  • Produces clean, high-quality welds for applications where aesthetics matter


Joining Technologies’ state-of-the-art services include precision laser welding, electron beam (EB), GTAW, machine shop services and supply chain management. All along the way, our quality control system will be an integral part of your project’s life journey at Joining Technologies.