About Joining Technologies

To create a platform where engaging and meaningful business happens, and to leverage it to improve the lives of everyone that we can possibly touch: our employees, our customers, our suppliers and our community. This is our guiding light, our True North.

Joining Technologies


About Joining Technologies

The founder of Joining Technologies, Michael Francoeur, began the business with three things:

A vision. A machine. And a garage.

Francoeur’s entrepreneurial dream was to create a widely respected, well-organized and ultramodern workplace where individuals are motivated to learn and grow professionally. Joining Technologies began operating in 1992 as a provider of electron beam welding services under the name of Energy Beam Labs, Inc.

That vision became a reality and today…

The small business that began as our founder’s dream has thrived. Today, Joining Technologies is the benchmark by which most other precision welding companies in North America are measured. Now, in addition to precision laser welding technology, electron beam welding and gas tungsten arc welding, Joining Technologies’ specialties include full machining services and supply chain management.

People, technology, service ―
it’s Joining Technologies’ combination that will provide you with unsurpassed results.

Our Exceptional People

"Joining Technologies comprises a professional community of men and women offering customers the latest in precision laser welding, laser cladding and electron beam welding services for industries that include aerospace, medical device, automotive, energy and national defense. Our specialists are considered to be the most competent and courteous in the industry. They will guide you through each step of the procurement process, providing expert advice on material selection, customized tooling options, prototype development and full scale production." ~ Dave Hudson, Joining Technologies, Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer

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